École de Taekwondo et Hapkido à Westisland


• Empower our students with abilities and techniques to be able to defend themselves.

• Help contribute to a more healthful lifestyle: mentally, physically, and emotionally.

• Provide a family-like environment between our masters, staff, students, and parents.

• Try our very best to help each of our students grow as individuals to make help make this world a better place.


Taekwondo is a martial arts wich can teach you the way of training one’s mind and body. Taekwondo practitioners should be selfless intraditional Taekwondo values such as virtue charisma and righteousness.To be called a true Taekwondo practitioner,one must put emphasis on ethics,continue to seek wisdom and their life style must be based on trust. Spiritual enlightenments is the master of the foundation of human life.the basis for the relationship between the master and the disciple begins at the dojang. The dojang is the place where a true human being can be reburn.

Donot be a coward, fearful and weak
Be the last one to quit, and the first one to speak
Donot hide your face from the light of day
Be courageous in life and stay that way
No need to run from your trials, troubles, and problems
Have confidence in your step as you reflect how to solve them
Yet, if you happen to fall, Donot lie there and die
Get up without thought, and hold your head up high
Be wise, courageous, bold and brave
And life will be worth living from your birth to your grave.

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